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I just finished my 2nd rendering for this major costuming project I’ve been working on. THREE MORE TO GO, PLUS A CONCEPT STATEMENT. 

I’m designing Romeo and Juliet, but it’s set in a 1950’s insane asylum. 

Introducing “The Earl of Derby,” also call’d Lord Stanley.

Screwing around with design again.


I want somebody to crave my attention as much as I crave theirs.

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"Parting with Hillary"

"First World Problems"

"ooh through my teeth, don’t know what to do what to do what to do what to d". Snapchats from the lagoon. 

"dude dude dude dude dude dude". Snapchats from the lagoon.

My little sister and I. #me


gay men are like dogs because when you put more than one in a room together you dont know if theyre going to start humping or try to kill each other

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Theatre Circle | New York


WHAT WHAT WHAT give me that now.

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8:58 PM

Good things are happening. 

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I haven’t heard from him in a few days, and that’s nerve-wracking. I’m trying not to freak out, but too late.

I have a date today.

WHAT? I know right, it’s crazy. Anyway, I’m quite excited about it, and I think it’ll be a good time. We’re getting soup and taking a walk. Cute, right? I hope. :/ 

I really want this to go well, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll have learned something about myself and will have made a friend. 

I have a movement class beforehand, which sucks, because sweat, but I think I’ll be okay. Wish me well Tumblr. I’ll update you soon! 

Is my outfit okay?