i need a two hour long hug

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ krikor jabotian s/s 2014


I just need to be drunk 23.2/7 tbh

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If you’re in Bloomington this weekend, #IUCCF is something you certainly don’t want to miss. It’s a FREE campus-wide comedy festival featuring all of the comedy groups on campus, and also a professional touring group from Upright Citizens Brigade (Amy Poehler’s) love child. I will personally be performing some improv comedy in TWO GROUPS: “Sally Ride” and “Awkward Silence Comedy.” #SALLYRIDE is IU’s premiere queer 3-person comedy group, and Awkward Silence is my home group, which specializes in long-form improv based on strong characters and situational humor. Also, Awkward Silence’s Alumni Show is at Thursday at 9 in the IMU Georgian Room. BOTH GROUPS ARE FANTASTIC AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU FACES AND HEAR YOUR LAUGHS THIS WEEKEND IN SUPPORT OF COLLEGE COMEDY. 


More info on Sally Ride can be found here:

More info on Awkward Silence can be found here:

More info on the #IUCCF in general can be found here:


oh my god

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Out of context motivational Joffrey

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that is the face of someone who has been deeply betrayed.

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I will OWN this costuming project. Friar Lawrence as a 1950’s priest.

I just finished my 2nd rendering for this major costuming project I’ve been working on. THREE MORE TO GO, PLUS A CONCEPT STATEMENT. 

I’m designing Romeo and Juliet, but it’s set in a 1950’s insane asylum.